7 Best Steel Spring Rebounders this Year

Do you, as I do, want to get into shape and yet you find so little time to go to the gym and spend hours working out? Let’s check out this ultimate guide for the 7 best steel spring rebounders this year.

A rebounder, unlike some other cardio exercise equipment, is a safe and effective weight loss tool that you can use in the comfort of your own home. Aside from burning calories, you can use it to get your muscles toned, and your body into better health.

The Rebounder Market is Growing

The rebounder market is increasingly growing in the home fitness world. You can get a total workout in the comfort of home. In just 10 to 20 minutes, you can have as much cardio – and more, benefits – than swimming, walking, jogging, or cycling.

The mini trampoline is a well-loved piece of fitness equipment. It is so effective and still small enough to use in the convenience of home. In as little as 10 minutes a day of vigorous exercise you can become fit and trim. Even using the gentle health bounce, you will see much improvement in your body.

The rebounder is incredible for weight loss, it tones muscles, improves your posture, improves your balance, it is incredible at draining your lymphatic system, and it is just plain fun!

NameWeight CapacityCheck Current Price
#1David Hall’s Cellerciser300 lbs.Check Current Price
#2Needak Soft Bounce Folding Rebounder300 lbs.Check Current Price
#3Ultimate Rebounder by ReboundAir400 lbs.Check Current Price
#4MaXimus Pro Folding Rebounder330 lbs.Check Current Price
#5BCAN 40″ Foldable Mini Trampoline
with adjustable Handle
330 lbs.Check Current Price
#6BCAN 38″ Mini Trampoline 300 lbs.Check Current Price
#7Pelpo Folding Mini Trampoline 30″/40″/45″330 lbs.Check Current Price

7 Best Steel Spring Rebounders this Year

#1 David Hall’s Cellerciser Rebounder with Balance BAR

Weight Capacity:300 lbs
Springs:TriDaptable Springs
Mat:weather resistant PERMATRON MAT
Adjustable Stability Bar:Yes

The rebounding market is increasing as more people realize the benefits of a total body workout at home, and all you need is one piece of equipment! David Hall has used this for more than 30 years and has reached optimal performance. This he credits to his rebounder.

Drink Your Water

The Cellerciser does detox your body, so you need to drink lots of fluids to flush the toxins out.

The soft, low-impact bounce is easy on your back and joints, more so than using a treadmill. It is also more cost effective than a treadmill as well. It includes an instructional workout DVD, and 2 extra springs. It folds in half and has a carrying case. The Manufacturer’s Warranty is Lifetime on the Frame, and 5 years on everything else – excluding spring cover.


Incredible bounce.

Good Customer Support

Much better quality than sporting good stores.


Squeaky – needs lubricating – try cooking spray

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#2 Needak Soft-Bounce Folding Rebounder

Size Diameter:40″
Weight Capacity:300 lbs.
Springs:“Jumbo” Spring Mechanism
Folding:Half Folding
Stabilizing Bar:Separate Purchase

All Needak Soft-Bounce rebounders are made in Nebraska, the heartland of the USA. There are 36 springs connected to a circle of polypropylene fabric. This “jumbo” spring mechanism provides a controlled, even landing at the bottom of the bounce with an energetic “lift”.

It is an industrial quality construction that is suitable for home, office, or commercial use. It has a good lifetime manufacturer warranty on the frame; 5 years on the cleats & springs, but only a 2-year warranty on the matt.

Included with Your Purchase

With your purchase of the Needak Soft-Bounce Folding Rebounder you get a:

“Bounce Before You Jump” DVD

“Immune System” DVD

Rebounding article

Lubricant for the springs.

If you want a cover to go over the springs, that is available, but at extra cost.

It is available in Red, Yellow, Black, or Blue.


No assembly required

Soft Bounce – not stiff

Good warranty

Used for 3 years and it is still like new.


Difficult to fold

A little pricey, but worth it.

Needs lubrication for the noise. (Spray vegetable oil on it to stop the squeaks)

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#3 Ultimate Rebounder by ReboundAir | Foldable mini–Fitness Trampoline for Adults & Kids | Quarter-Fold Design w/ Heavy-Duty Springs

Size Diameter:40″
Weight Capacity:400 lbs.
Springs:Heavy Duty
Folding:Quarter Fold
Adjustable Stability Bar:order from company’s website

The Ultimate Rebounder supports 400 lb weight capacity. It has a soft, bounce that is easy on your joints and great on your lymphatic system.

With a lifetime replacement parts guarantee it should provide you with years of service. The PERMATRON MAT is the number one choice for trampoline mat fabric worldwide.

One happy customer has used hers daily for almost 10 years and it still works well. It is easy to store and easy to transport as it folds in quarters. But there are many who never fold theirs up as they use it almost daily.

The Ultimate ReboundAir mini trampoline is all that you need to have a total body workout.

Safety Features

It has the most innovative, safe, durable, PATENTED, hinges on the planet and larger, longer, and stronger springs than their competitors. The company was founded on their own health and are now investing in the health of others. Many felt it was well worth the money they paid for it.


It can support 400 lbs weight.

Permatron mat for long-lasting durability.

Longer, stronger, springs than the competitors.

Years of service with no problems of breaking or ripping


Handle must be purchased from the company website.

Can be noisy. – Lubricating may help.

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#4 The MaXimus Pro Folding Rebounder USA

The MaXimus Pro Folding Rebounder USA has been voted the #1 indoor exercise mini trampoline for adults with a bar. It will help you lose weight as you improve your health.

Size Diameter:40″
Weight Capacity:330 lbs.
Legs:Spring loaded, collapsible
Folding:Folds into quarters.

The MaXimus Pro Folding Rebounder arrives pre-assembled, with resistance bands to increase your workout, DVD workouts as well as online workouts, and it has a free storage bag included to make storage or travel convient!

This rebounder is designed with quality and reliability in mind. It has been tested by scientists and fitness experts, alike.

It is best for home use with spring loaded collapsible legs. It has a 40-inch frame with a 28-inch bounce area. The entire product weights 26 lbs. The weight limit for this rebounder is 287 lbs. (140 kg,).


Two DVDs with 7 workouts are included as well as a handlebar to increase your stability as you jump. This model rebounder includes resistance bands, weights, a handlebar, and a storage bag as additional accessories. It makes a fantastic buy. Even more expensive brands do not include all these perks.


Handlebar is useful for added stability.

Firm bounce


Good Customer Support

Easy to set up, easy to store. The entire product weighs 26 lbs.


It is noisy to use – (you can lubricate all joints to cut down on the noise).

The DVD workout is more difficult than a beginner’s level.

You may get scratched by the metal springs.

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#5 BCAN 40” Foldable Mini Trampoline with Adjustable Foam Handle

Size Diameter:40″
Weight Capacity:330 lbs.
Springs:3mm, high-strength stainless steel
Adjustable Stability BarYes

The material on this BCAN has been upgraded to thickened steel 3 mm, high-strength stainless steel preservative springs. It has been tested with 3000 continuous jumps.

The ability to fold it into quarters, makes portability a fantastic option. You can take it with you when you travel or store it under the bed or in a closet.

Safety Features

If you are feeling unsure of yourself, as you learn to jump on the mini trampoline, the 4 level, heavy-duty, adjustable handlebar will give you added security.

The 32 CLOSED SPRINGS are durable and make jumping safe. An additional safety feature is the cover over the springs, to protect your foot from getting caught.

You will be happy to know there is good customer service if it is ever required.


Lifetime service with good customer service

Safety features – handlebar, CLOSED SPRINGS, upgraded stainless steel

Portable – it folds into quarters.


Spring rebounders can make noise unless lubricated.

Assembly instructions are online

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#6 BCAN Mini Trampoline for Adults 38-Inches 300lb capacity

Size Diameter:38″
Weight Capacity:300 lbs.
Springs:3 mm, high-strength stainless steel springs
Adjustable Stability Bar:No

The BCAN Mini Trampoline 38” is a great little trampoline especially if you are on a budget and have small living quarters. Our small trampoline lives underneath our large coffee table when it is not in use. This is great for the whole family to use.

The upgraded, CLOSED SPRING, 3 mm high-strength stainless steel springs are durable. You can jump with confidence that no one should get scratched by the springs.

You get highly efficient exercise with the trampoline. What takes much longer with swimming, jogging or cycling, you can accomplish in just 10 minutes of active jumping on the mini trampoline.

Safety Features

A 360-degree surround PVC protection pad covers the 28 CLOSED SPRINGS, so you do not get your toes caught in the springs.

You will be super satisfied with the good customer service that is provided if you ever need it.


Well rated for overall home use

300 lbs weight capacity

Portable – folds into quarters


Springs should be lubricated to ensure quiet jumping.


No safety bar.

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#7 Pelpo 38”/40”/45”, Folding Mini Trampoline. Fitness Rebounder with Adjustable Foam Handle, For Adults. Indoor/Outdoor 330 lb capacity

Size Diameter:30″/40″/45″
Weight Capacity:330 lbs.
Springs:Stainless Steel Springs
Handlebar:Adjustable from 32″ – 45″ Height

This well reviewed mini trampoline is perfect for home workouts. It is lightweight, safe, and quiet.

If you do just ten minutes of cardio jumping each day, you will get similar exercise as 30 minutes of cycling or an hour of jogging.

The Pelpo folds to ¼ th its size. You will find it convenient to stow and go in the trunk of your car, or store under the bed or in a closet when not in use.

Some convenient exercises you can do on the mini trampoline are jogging, jumping, twisting, rotating, jumping jacks, as well as many others.

Safety Features

There is a cover over the springs and 6 rubber-tipped, non-slip feet. The easy-to-clean water-resistant mat has a weight capacity of 330 lbs.


Has a handlebar

6 rubber-tipped, non-skid feet

Portable – can be folded twice into quarters


To fold you must remove the handlebar and all 6 legs.

Handlebar is tricky to install.

Chemical odor

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In Summary

After looking at this ultimate guide for the 7 best steel spring rebounders, which one would you like in your home? Maybe you already have one there. What is your favorite rebounder?

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