15 Effects of Drinking Coffee Everyday


Around the world, young adults, look forward to their morning cup of coffee and that enjoyment only increases over time. Think how many coffee mugs, tee shirts, and other items are emblazoned with the many moods people have before drinking their coffee. Let’s look at the effects of drinking coffee every day.  While it’s known … Read more

Stretching for Better Sleep


How to get a better night’s sleep naturally. Stretching for better sleep is a simple and effective way to relax your body and mind before bed. As you stretch, you release muscle tension, increase blood flow, and promote relaxation. Take a few minutes to stretch before bedtime, to help ease yourself into a peaceful sleep. … Read more

Is Shea Butter Comedogenic? Does It Clog Your Pores?


Shea butter is an all-natural, nutrient-rich ingredient that works wonders on dry and sensitive skin. But is Shea butter comedogenic? Will shea butter clog pores, that leads to breakouts, blackheads, and acne? For centuries, shea butter is known for its emollient and healing properties. Some even believe that Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba used … Read more