The 7 Best Rebounders with Bungee Cords for an Unbelievable Workout

Low-impact, fun, and convenient are all words that well describe the rebounder. You can use it at home or at the office and store it away when it is not in use. Using it every day is like having your own gym that you can carry along with you. There are two types of rebounders, those with springs and those with bungee cords. Rebounders with springs tend to be noisier when you bounce. The rebounders listed below are the 7 best rebounders with bungee cords to give you an unbelievable workout. 

One of the first things you will notice with regular use, is that your sense of balance and coordination improve. This helps you as you age, because as your sense of balance decreases your risk of falling may increase.

But There Is More

That is not all the benefits of a rebounder. You can get a great cardio workout, which is fantastic for your heart and your lungs. You can tone your muscles, keep your immune system strong by increasing your lymph circulation, and help to build bone density.

Nothing is as well endorsed by health practitioners as a good rebounder. It keeps you healthy from the inside out.

The Lymphatic System

The 7 Best Rebounders with Bungee Cords for an Unbelievable Workout

RebounderWeight CapacityCurrent Price
Bellicon Classic 440 lbs.Click Here for Current Price
FIT BOUNCE PRO330 lbs.Click Here for Current Price
Stamina Folding 250 lbs.Click Here for Current Price
Sportplus with Handlebar286 lb.Click Here for Current Price
JumpSport 250250 lbs.Click Here for Current Price
Darchen 40 inch400 lbs.Click Here for Current Price
Newan Silent Mini Trampoline330 lbs.Click Here for Current Price

1. Bellicon Classic 39” Fitness Trampoline with Screw-in Legs

Size Diameter39″, 44″, 49″
Weight Capacity440 lbs.
Balance BarOnly available on 49″ Rebounder


Described as the Lexus of trampolines.

Variety of bungee cord strengths for hard or soft bounce.

As close to weightlessness as you can get outside of the water.


Price $$$$

The bellicon is considered the gold standard of rebounders. It is built in Germany with an industrial-strength steel frame and quality standards above the rest. The downside is its price. It is the most expensive rebounder on the market.

Those who use the bellicon say that the bounce on the bellicon if far superior to that of any other rebounder. One thing it does have over other rebounders is the choice of bungee cords. There is a choice between a soft bounce, a hard bounce, or a combination of the two. If you want a strong bungee cord for an over-sized person that is available as well.

The bellicon arrives at your home, fully assembled.

Click Here for the Bellicon Current Price

2. FIT BOUNCE PRO USA Bungee Rebounder |Ready Assembled | Half Folding | Silent | Professional Indoor Mini Trampoline


Size Diameter40″
Weight Capacity330 lbs.
No Assembly Required
Balance BarPurchased separately



Quality Rebounder

DVD workouts included.

Quiet – you can use it day or night!


Stability bar is extra.

This half-folding FIT BOUNCE PRO Rebounder is a good quality piece of exercise equipment to have in your home. You can get a full body workout in just a short time. Save yourself the hours spent on the treadmill!

It is incredible for toning your muscles, for weight loss and it is kind on your joints. Before you know it, you will see how much it has improved your posture. Rebounding uses this low-impact exercise to flush waste products from your body via the lymphatic system. The up and down gravitational pull as you jump is what helps the lymph fluids flow.

You enjoyed the trampoline as a kid, now just think how much fun you can still enjoy!

Click Here for FIT BOUNCE PRO current price.

3. Stamina 36-inch Folding Trampoline

Size Diameter36″
Weight Capacity250 lbs
Thirty tension bands
Balance BarNo





Supportive bounce


No stability bar

This little gem is a go-to workout machine for those who want a rebounder that takes up little space and is easy on the budget. This economical piece helps your burn calories and tone muscles, besides all the other health benefits that come with the rebounder. Included are 3 online workout videos which include an introduction and 2 energetic routines.

It can be folded up when not in use; when you want to transport it, it should fit in the trunk of your car. This durable, heavy-duty design is built to last, and some have had it last for years.

Click Here for Stamina Folding Mini Trampoline Current Price.

With Handlebar

4. Sportplus Unisex Quiet Miniature Indoor Rebounder Home Fitness Trampoline with Height Adjustable Bar

Size 43″
Weight Capacity286 lbs.
Balance BarYes



Very springy

Quality product

Senior friendly.


Difficult to assemble.

Handlebar not a good support.

The biggest complaint about this rebounder is the difficulty people had in putting it together. It comes with a tool and instructions how to use it. It sounds like it can be complicated. Some got the knack right away and one person put a video in the review as to how they used the tool. Once you understand how it works, it doesn’t look too hard. Though the First couple attachments are the hardest.

You can purchase in addition the Beginners Bounce Mini Trampoline Exercise DVD to include 3 fun and easy rebounding fitness workouts to help you get started.

The quality of the construction is good. It is stable and sturdy and can be used by seniors. Overall the response is that it is good value for the money, and most people were happy with their purchase.

Click Here for Sportplus Current Price

5. JumpSport 250 Fitness Mini Trampoline 

Size Diameter39″ frame
Weight Capacity250 lbs.
Premium BungeesEnduroLast
Balance BarCan be purchased separately

Pros and Cons


Online workouts

Low-impact, total body fitness

Comes almost completely assembled.


Handlebar is purchased separately.

Frequent replacement of parts necessary.

The Premium bungees on this JumpSport 250 are EnduroLast 2 elastic cords that are tested for hundreds of thousands of bounces. They will give you long-lasting durability. Steel springs are much noisier when bouncing, which is why bungees are of top choice of many because of their silence while bouncing.

The 35.5-inch Permatron mat provides plenty of room for all ages and fitness levels to workout, and an adjustable fitness handlebar can be purchased separately.

You will feel secure from tipping with the arched legs supporting this rebounder. The rebounder comes almost fully assembled when it arrives at your home. Just attach the legs and you will be bouncing right away.

Click Here for JumpSport 250 Current Price

6. Darchen 40 inch Mini Trampoline for Adults 

Size Diameter40″
Weight Capacity400 lbs.
Color optionsGreen, Red
Bungee Cords
Balance Bar No


Long Lifespan      

30 – 3D Bungee Cords

Two colors to choose from.

Bungee cords are safer than springs.


Difficulty assembling the cords.

DVD must be purchased separately.

This mini trampoline is created with quality in mind. It can support up to 500 lbs of stationary weight and 400-450 lbs. of bouncing weight. With a bounce that is soft but strong, the Darchen was designed to provide a quiet and low-impact bounce. This is kind to your joints. The PP-Mat is created to withstand an immeasurable number of jumps.

Good for weight loss, cardio, and total body exercise, you will find your balance increase and a smile on your face as you jump up and down on your Darchen mini trampoline.

Click Here for Darchen Mini Trampoline Current Price

7. Newan 40”-48” Silent Mini Trampoline

Weight Capacity330 lbs.
Color OptionsLime Green, Hot Pink
Bungee Cords40 count
Balance BarYes
8 Legs



Professional Gym Quality

5-level handlebar adjustment

Strong PP Mesh bouncing mat.

Strong, thick bungees.


Requires assembly.

Assembly can be difficult. (Please follow instructions)

You will be surprised when you see the quality construction of the Newan trampoline. It is unlike some other brands on the market. Sturdy enough to use in a gym, and the bungee cords are strong enough to give good service for a long time. It is stable enough for a senior to feel secure using. Check to make certain all parts are enclosed and work (screw in) properly before you begin assembly. If there is a problem, I am sure you will be delighted to find they offer good customer service.

In 10 to 20 minutes, you will find yourself sweating from a good workout, and jogging or long hours on a treadmill will be a thing of the past!

Click Here for Newan Current Price

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