The 7 Best Rebounders with Bungee Cords for an Unbelievable Workout

Low-impact, fun, and convenient are all words that well describe the rebounder. You can use it at home or at the office and store it away when it is not in use. Using it every day is like having your own gym that you can carry along with you. There are two types of rebounders, those with springs and those with bungee cords. Rebounders with springs tend to be noisier when you bounce. The rebounders listed below are the best rebounders with bungee cords to give you an unbelievable workout. 

One of the first things you will notice with regular use, is that your sense of balance and coordination improve. This helps you as you age, because if your sense of balance decreases your risk of falling may increase.

RebounderWeight Capacity
ONETWOFIT 51″ Mini Trampoline330 lbs.
BCAN Mini Trampoline450/550 lbs.
Bellicon RebounderUp to 440 lbs with the
right bungee cords.
Newan Silent Mini Trampoline330 lbs.
Rebounder Trampoline for Adults330 lbs.
JumpSport Fitness Trampolines275 TO 325 lbs.
Stamina 36-inch Fitness Trampoline250 lbs.

JumpSport Fitness Trampolines

300 Series Fitness Trampolines

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But There Is More

That is not all the benefits of a rebounder. You can get a great cardio workout, which is fantastic for your heart and your lungs. You can tone your muscles, keep your immune system strong by increasing your lymph circulation, and help to build bone density.

Nothing is as well endorsed by health practitioners as a good rebounder. It keeps you healthy from the inside out.

The Lymphatic System

Rebounders provide great heart-healthy activities for adults. Bungee cords make a soft landing on your joints as you bounce. Much softer than if you were running or jogging on the sidewalk or road.

The 7 Best Rebounders with Bungee Cords for an Unbelievable Workout

ONETWOFIT 51″ Mini Trampoline

Size Diameter51″
Weight Capacity330 lbs.
Balance BarYes

BCAN Mini Trampoline – 450/550 lbs. capacity


Size Diameter40″/48″
Weight Capacity450/550 lbs.
Partially Assembled
Balance BarPurchased separately

Bellicon Classic/Premium Fitness Trampolines

Size Diameter39″, 44″, 49″
Weight CapacityUp to 440 lbs
Bungee Cords30 to 42
depending on the size.
LegsScrew-in or folding
Balance BarIs available.

This rebounder is at the top in its class. The Bellicon is designed and manufactured in Germany. Those who have compared the Bellicon to any other rebounder have seen a noticable difference from the first bounce.

The bungee cords still need to be replaced occasionally, but they give a quiet bounce, not found in rebounders that have springs.

Traditionally it is the most expensive rebounder on the market today but those who have one, think the health benefits are outstanding and the purchase was well worthwhile.

Rebounders with and without a Handlebar

NEWAN Silent Mini Trampoline

Size 40″
Weight Capacity330 lbs.
Balance BarNo

40″ Rebounder – Trampoline for Adults

Size Diameter40″ frame
Weight Capacity330 lbs.
Balance BarNo

Studies Show: Bouncing reduces stress & lowers blood pressure

JumpSport – 200 Series, 300 Series, and PRO Series

Weight Capacity250 – 300 lbs.
SizeAll series are 39″ – Pro Series has 40″ option
MatSkirted Mat or Premium Padded Petals
Legs200 Series – straight screw-on, folding, or Arched
300 & PRO Series – Arched Bolt on or Quick Screw on/off
Cords30 – Pro has 36 EnduroLast cords

Stamina 36″ Fitness Trampoline

Size Diameter36″ round x 8.75″ high
FrameHeavy-duty steel
Weight Capacity250 lbs.
Balance Bar No

Compact and portable. The müüv fitness app gives smart guided coaching with exercise demo videos.

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  1. I appreciate the info you provided, I am curious why the Bellicon is so much cheaper on amazon then it is from the Bellicon website? Are they a spin off or the real thing? thanks

    • Hi Kim, thanks for noticing the difference. I guess it is a matter of shopping around. There are difference size frames and different strengths of Bellicon rebounders. On the Bellicon website they have the Classic strong and Extra-Strong in 3 different sizes from 39″ to 49″ and there is the option of folding or screw-in legs. Then there is the Bellicon Premium in two sizes 44″ and 49″. They come in strong and extra strong. Depending on the bungee cords that you order, depends on the weight it supports.
      So you see there are various options that you can choose from. To add even more choices you have the option of adding a handle bar to the Bellicon as well.
      The Bellicon is considered the top of the line in rebounders, so you need to consider what type of legs, what size, and what weight limit you want on the rebounder, as well as do you want a handlebar. Those choices would all effect the price of the rebounder.
      They are all made in Germany, it may be possible that other sellers resell them at their own price. I am not aware of any spin offs of the actual “made in Germany” Bellicon. Thanks for your interest, and thanks for asking!


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