The Best Rebounder Mini Trampoline with Handlebars

Rebounders are for Seniors!

Rebounders are for seniors! Can you imagine an 80-year-old bouncing? Can you imagine one jumping up and down to regain their balance. Well, you can meet one in the video below and see how well she has done. Check out the best rebounder mini trampoline with handlebars below.

As you age, it is not good for you to slow down and spend hours sitting. You need to keep busy. Seniors sometimes lose their balance and break a hip. Here is the way one senior keeps her balance!

Review of the Best Rebounders with Handlebars for Seniors


MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder


  • Size Diameter: 40 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 287lb (140kg)
  • Stability Bar: yes
  • Springs or Bungee Cords: springs
  • Folding: Rebounder folds into quarters.
  • Legs: Folding Legs
  • Accessories: handlebar, resistance bands, sand weights, online and DVD training

MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder USA. It is voted #1 Indoor Exercise Mini Trampoline for adults that has a bar.

Handlebar and Resistance Bands

Specially designed with a handlebar to give added stability as you get used to rebounding. This will help you retain your balance to prevent falls.

There is an ample 28-inch jumping area to strengthen and improve your cardiovascular system.

The rebounder also includes resistance bands to give you an upper body workout, and a storage bag. In addition, this rebounder has DVD and Online workouts available with the purchase.

It is great at helping you burn calories, and detoxify your body, as it drains the lymphatic system. What a fantastic way to improve your posture as you strengthen your bones and improve muscle tone. These are all fantastic benefits from using the rebounder.

  • Built to last.
  • Full Warranty
  • No assembly needed.
  • Low-impact exercise for all fitness levels.
  • Breaking springs.
  • The stability bar is not adjustable.
  • The springs are noisy unless lubricated regularly – (Use Vaseline type product, not WD-40 type as that will dry out the spring.)

BCAN 40” Foldable Mini Trampoline, Fitness Rebounder with Adjustable Foam Handle


  • Size Diameter: 40 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lb
  • Stability Bar: yes – knob adjustment from 32” to 42”
  • Springs or Bungee Cords: closed steel springs
  • Legs: 6 detachable legs

Folds to One Quarter Its Size

This amazing BCAN rebounder is a best seller and loved by many. It is unique in that it can be folded down to ¼ its size. That makes it easy to store or take with you as you travel. 10 minutes of quality rebounding takes the place of much more time spent jogging, cycling, or swimming.

It has had an upgrade in 2021 to a thickened 3 mm, high-strength stainless steel spring.

It has been tested with 3,000 continuous jump experiments, so you feel that you are getting a safe, quality product.

The heavy-duty foam-covered handlebar adjusts to four levels, and it has an easy to clean mat.

  • Customer service is excellent.
  • It is almost silent when the springs are lubricated.
  • The handle adjustments are a good fit for children to adults.
  • Folding is not difficult and can be done without removing the skirt.
  • There is no carrying case.
  • A senior felt that the handlebar was flimsy.
  • Occasionally need replacement parts which you can get from customer service.

Needak R02-R05 Soft Bounce Non-Folding Rebounder with Stabilizing Bar


  • Mat Size: 30 inches in diameter
  • Frame Size: 40 inches in diameter
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Springs or Bungee Cords: 36 Heavy Duty Springs
  • Mat: Permatron Soft Bounce (low impact) Mat

Built to Last

The low-impact Needak R02-R05 Soft Bounce Non-Folding Rebounder with Stabilizing Bar is a fantastic piece of exercise equipment. Up to 85% of the impact of each bounce is absorbed by the soft-bounce springs.

This made in America product is built to last, with industrial quality construction with a lifetime manufacturer warranty on the frame. It is suitable for home, office, or commercial use.

There is a skirt to cover the springs which can be purchased at low cost. The company offers good customer service if you ever need to contact them.

It got a 5 star review out of 19 ratings. The reviews state that it has been used by many seniors and they feel like it is a good quality product.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy, good quality product.
  • Able to exercise in the wintertime.
  • Jumping on it after 5 years or more.
  • Senior citizen was grateful for the stability bar.
  • Springs must be lubricated so it does not get noisy.
  • Skirt to cover the springs must be purchased separately.

Bellicon Plus Trampoline with Handle


  • Size Diameter: 44 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 280-440 lb
  • Stability Bar: yes
  • Springs or Bungee Cords: bungee cords
  • Legs: Folding

Gold Standard of Rebounders

This Bellicon German manufactured mini trampoline is the gold standard of rebounders! The reason that it is not ranked number one, is because of its price. It is a great rebounder for those who are considering it as an investment in their home gym equipment. However, it is too expensive for the average gym enthusiast.

The Bellicon gives you the option of a variety of bungee cord colors and strengths. By mixing and matching the bungee cords you can achieve the right comfort level for every weight and individual preference.

Because of the bungee cords, the mini trampoline is noiseless to jump on. You get confidence and stability from using the sturdy T-shaped bar on the trampoline. Also with the purchase is a 30-day online workout program.

  • Arrives fully assembled.
  • Is silent when you use it.
  • Has an online fitness program.
  • You can customize bungee strengths for bouncing comfort.
  • American Chiropractic Association endorses it for users of all weights and fitness levels.
  • The only CON is that it is very expensive

Sportplus Unisex Quiet Miniature Indoor Rebounder with Height Adjustable Bar


  • Size: 43 inches
  • Includes frame cover.
  • Jumping Surface: 32-37.5”
  • Weight Capacity: 286lb (140kg)
  • Springs or Bungee Cords: bungee cords
  • Stability Bar: adjusts from 33 to 47 inches – easily removable.

Increase Coordination, Posture, and Balance

The Sportplus Fitness Trampoline with Adjustable Bar exercises your entire body and helps you with coordination, posture, and balance. The silent bungee cords make it a pleasure to use even if others are sleeping.

Engaging 400 or more muscles in your body makes it such an effective workout.

The rebounder itself is lightweight, at only 24lbs, making it easy to move about.

Many people complain about the rebounder being difficult to assemble. Read the manual twice, look at the YouTube twice and then try to put it together. Once you get the hang of it, it goes together much better.

  • Quiet
  • Good customer service.
  • Good exercise for seniors.
  • Foam covered, adjustable handrail.
  • Low-impact exercise for all fitness levels.
  • Difficult to assemble – read the manual!
  • May require up to 3 people to assemble.
  • Check YouTube videos for assembly instructions.

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