The Best Under the Desk Elliptical Machines to Keep Your Muscles Toned

Sitting, and sitting, and sitting, it’s just not good for you! You hear so much about sitting for long periods of time and how detrimental it is to your health. You need to keep your body active, yet how is that possible when so many have desk jobs and earn their living while sitting? These under the desk elliptical machines can give you low-impact exercise. You can use them at work, or at home sitting at your table, or living room sofa.

While it will not make you a bodybuilder, with the aid of under the desk elliptical machines, you can tone your muscles and stay active even if you can’t be up and about.

Name of EllipticalInformation
Cubii JR123″xL17.6″Wx10″H
27 lbs – built in handle
Stamina 55-1602
Inmotion Elliptical
24 lbs – for standing or seated
Desk Cycle 2 24″Lx20″Wx10″H – Adj.Ht. 9-10″
23 lbs. Fitbit Compatible
Cubii Pro23″Lx17.5″Wx10″H – Bluetooth
28 lbs. – Cubii app, Apple Watch,
Fitbit, and HealthKit – Live exercise
classes – includes Cubii Community
Cubii Workout Mat18″x25″ – anti-slip, scuff-proof

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#1-Cubii JR1

You will find this Cubii JR1 under the desk elliptical machine is easy to carry from place to place with its built-in handle. Besides its small size, this gives it added portability. It is stylish with several color options. If you want a pretty and portable machine, the Cubii Jr. would be your best option. It is good for working under your desk as your knees do not raise as high while pedaling.

You will enjoy the standard compact Cubii JR1. You can track the distance you have pedaled, the calories you have burned, and the minutes you have been exercising. The gliding motion is smooth with 8 resistance levels. It is quiet enough for you to use in the office or while watching TV.

#2 Stamina 55-1602 Inmotion Elliptical

This best seller is a long-standing, well-known brand. The Stamina under the desk elliptical machine has over 10,000 ratings. It is portable and provides whisper-quiet cardio exercise.  

Having been around long enough to prove its durability, it is a choice of many. It is not very portable however, as it is heavy and clunky to move. Purely from the point of leg exercise, the Stamina is a wise choice. The Stamina is durable and less expensive than the Cubii.

The pedals have a forward and a reverse motion to exercise more muscle groups also you can use it sitting or standing. If you want to get standing exercise, then go with the Stamina.

With a twist of the tension knob, you can control from light to heavy resistance on the pedals. The textured surface of the pedals keeps your feet securely on the pedals.

#3 Desk Cycle 2 – Under Desk Cycle

The Desk Cycle 2 under the desk elliptical machine is easy to assemble. It has 8 resistance levels with more than twice the resistance capacity than other under the desk elliptical machines. It will give you a good workout.

Your knees raise higher as you pedal this model, so you might hit the bottom of the desk while pedaling. It is, however fantastic for physical therapy or senior’s fitness.

Pedaling from a chair should prove no problem. A bonus for the Desk Cycle2 is that it is designed so you can use it for your arms as well as pedal it with your feet.

Place it on the table and exercise your arms with it. If you want to go with arm and leg exercise, go with the Desk Cycle 2.

#4-Cubii Pro

This low-impact Cubii Pro allows you to exercise without putting undue strain on your joints.

You will enjoy its ergonomic design so you can sit in front of your sofa or chair, or under almost any desk or table as you pedal.

The Cubii Pro under the desk exercise machine is whisper-quiet while you pedal. It is Bluetooth enabled with live exercise classes.

The Cubii Pro is the only seated elliptical that you can monitor your progress via Bluetooth to Cubii app, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and HealthKit.

An outstanding feature with this model is that it includes a Cubii Community to help you reach your fitness goals.

Thousands of people worldwide use the Cubii Pro to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Cubii Workout Mat

For extra protection you may want a workout mat under your under the desk elliptical machine. Cubii has created a nice one. It is 18″x25x – anti-slip and scuff-proof. Just the perfect size to sit under your machine. You will want to get one to go with your machine.

 To Wrap It Up

These are all good under the desk elliptical machines. If you want to stand up while you are working out and are budget conscious, the Stamina Inmotion
is the choice you would make. It has been around long enough to have a good track record of being reliable and relatively maintenance free.  

If you want a quiet, stylish under the desk elliptical machine, and money is not an object, you would probably be happy with the Cubii Jr. under the desk elliptical machine. This model has not been around as long as the Stamina, so its reliability has not been as well documented.

If you want to get exercise for your arms and your legs the Desk Cycle 2
would be the choice you would want.

If you enjoy the technology during your workout, the Cubii Pro is probably the under the desk elliptical machine for you. It is Bluetooth enabled so you can monitor your progress and access live classes.

Lastly, you may want a Cubii Workout Mat underneath your under the desk elliptical machine. While it should not be necessary, Cubii has made this mat for added security to make certain that the floor is protected from scuffs and keep your machine firmly in place.

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6 thoughts on “The Best Under the Desk Elliptical Machines to Keep Your Muscles Toned”

  1. I have never heard about under the desk exercising machines and after watching that video I’m completely blown away. This is so suitable for literally anyone – even if you don’t have an office this could be a great addition to anyone’s workout routine. Not to mention all of the space that you’re saving with a smaller machine compared to a full elliptical one. 

    • Hi Stephanie, and thanks for stopping by with a comment! Under the Desk Elliptical Machines have been around for a while. It is the Cubii that has been advertised quite a bit recently. The Stamina In-motion Elliptical is an old favorite. I am glad I introduced you to them and their benefits. For seniors who sit a lot it is also a good choice. It keeps their muscles moving even if they are not as active as they once were.

  2. I work in an office. And yes. Sitting all day long will affect your body negatively. Desk Elliptical Machines seems to be a great type of product to try. Never thought about it. What I like is that you can still do some work and exercise.

    By the way, I try to click on the red button to know more about the Desk cycle 2. But nothing happens. Anyway, great article. It helps a lot.

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by with a comment. Sitting affects the bones and the muscles as well. You need to move to to keep your muscles and bones strong and active. The under the desk elliptical machine is one way to do that.

      Thanks, the button should be working now.

  3. I spend a lot of time working on my computer from home. And I have realized I need to exercise. So, I started jogging. But there are days when I just gotta meet deadlines and I can’t go out to exercise. So, having an elliptical would be a good way to exercise even in busy days. I really liked the Stamina 55-1602 option.

    • Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by with a comment! People that sit much of the day often develop various health problems, such as varicose veins. By keeping your leg muscles moving, I would think that an under-the-desk elliptical machine would help reduce that problem. I am glad the post could be of help to you. 


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