To Lose Belly Fat Naturally it Takes Persistence


Today came as a surprise. It is plus 3 degrees and there are puddles outside. That got me excited, I can go for a walk today! Sure enough, there are bare streets and sidewalks. My fridge was beginning to look empty, so I decided it would be a great day to go grocery shopping. I walked into Safeway from the parking lot and met a girl from TOPS. After our pleasant greeting, she took one look at me and said, “Your clothes look like they are to big for you.” I must admit, it was nice to have someone notice that did I lose belly fat naturally.

Taking it Off

I have been quite strict with my diet and exercise this year, and it has paid off. I think exercise is good just for its own sake. Combine it with diet, and it will show results. My nurse practitioner knew I wanted to reduce my girth. She said to take the pounds off slowly and they are more likely to stay off.

Besides walking, I have been using my Pilates chair to get some of my exercise, but the piece of equipment that I use the most is my exercise bike. There are many price points available when looking to purchase an exercise bike, and many features as well.

I wanted to be able to fasten my phone or tablet to my bike. It makes pedaling so much more enjoyable to watch a movie, listen to YouTube, or music. If I had nothing else pressing for the day, I could literally spend hours on that bike!

Biking increases the heart rate and strengthens the legs. I must go at my own pace, but with persistence and consistency, the pounds are slowly disappearing.

Keeping it Off

At TOPS, the people who have reached their goal weight, as was set by their doctor, try very hard to maintain their weight loss. They are called “KOPS”. That stands for Keep Off Pounds Sensibly.

I have not reached my goal weight yet, but I decided that over the winter, I would try to maintain my weight loss. There are Thanksgiving and Christmas to deal with, and I find it difficult to get outside to get much exercise done in January and February.

If I can maintain my weight loss over the winter, in the Spring, I can start my weight loss journey again with gusto.

I do not look at my weight loss journey as a quick fix. I would like to lose this weight and keep it off. On my desk, I have a before and after picture of someone near my age. I keep it there as motivation for me to be persistent when the going gets rough.

Plan Your Meals

A healthy eating plan, such as the Food Exchange System, or Canada’s Food Guide is a good way to plan your meals. Planning is so very important.

Even before getting out of bed in the morning, it is a help to decide what to eat during the day. It helps to plan the day before. This ensures that I have the necessary ingredients in the cupboard for my meals.

The calories can add up quickly if I just grab something to eat. Keeping a food journal is also a big help. It is so easy to forget exactly what I have mindlessly eaten.

Calories in – Calories out

Some people find it helpful to count calories. As a rule, high fiber foods have fewer calories and take up more space, so you feel full for a longer time.

Some low calorie, high fiber foods are; French cut green beans, pears, kiwi, peppers, and spinach. Broccoli, artichoke, raspberries, and oatmeal are some other high fiber foods.

A little protein goes a long way. It has been noted in recent years, that we really don’t need as much protein as we used to think was necessary. Protein is still necessary for good health. It helps us conquer our cravings, so we feel satiated.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

It is much better to get our calories from eating our food and getting the fiber that goes with it, than to drink our calories. We can consume so many calories by drinking them and not even realize it.

Plan Your Activities

Walking is a great form of physical activity. It is a good way to lose weight and belly fat. It is low risk, easy to do, and it does not require a gym membership! Swimming, jogging, and dancing can all raise your heart rate. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

  • Avoid caffeine, excess sugar and nicotine
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Meditation
  • Manage your time
  • Express yourself to family members or friends
  • Exercise

Being aware of these things may make you happier and decrease feelings of depression and anxiety.

Energy Saving Devices?

Modern society has taught us that we need all the latest energy-saving devices. It seems like when we try to save energy, we also gain weight! Stand up more! Wash the car by hand. Take a walk at break time or lunchtime.

Add activity to your days. Park farther from your destination and walk in from your parking spot. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, stand while you are talking on the phone. Squat to dust under the furniture, mow the lawn, or shovel the snow.

Losing Weight Is Difficult, But Being Overweight Is Also Difficult

As people age, they may become less active; then it also stands to reason that their middles become thicker.

If your weight stays the same, but your waist size is getting larger, the fat is thought to be accumulating around your organs. Keep an eye on whether your pants are getting snugger.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a large waist circumference is a red flag for excessive abdominal fat, which is associated with obesity-related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease.

All good reasons to want to lose belly fat naturally.


It is just as difficult to keep the weight off as it is to take the weight off. If you maintain an exercise program and good eating habits, it will help you maintain your weight loss.

There are no magic solutions…

to lose belly fat naturally. Some of it depends on hormones and some on genetics. But with persistence and watching our diet and exercise, we can come to a healthier lifestyle which is after all why we want to lose belly fat naturally.

Disclaimer: I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.

8 thoughts on “To Lose Belly Fat Naturally it Takes Persistence”

  1. Great post!
    Being consistent about exercising and eating right is huge for losing weight and then maintaining weight.
    Sounds like you have quite a good system for staying in shape.
    Walking is a great way to stay in shape, build strength and clear your mind.
    I have found getting good sleep, drinking enough caffeine but not too much and keeping my life relatively low stress as been key for staying healthy and staying the weight I have wanted to stay.
    Everyday I prepare a smoothie, sandwich and complex carb and protein meal(such as rice and beans) because by preparing these foods I have been able to maintain my diet much better.
    Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jesse. It sounds like you have a good plan going for you. Yes, I believe rice and beans is a complete protein.
      There is some controversy as to the amount of caffeine we should consume. Some avoid it altogether, but I think things should be done in moderation. Yes, I enjoy a good cup of coffee!
      I have heard it said to shop from the outside aisles of the grocery store. That is where the whole foods are. The center aisles contain most of your processed foods.
      Consistency is the key. Keeping excess weight off is just as difficult as losing it in the first place. That is why some people yo-yo diet. A healthy lifestyle is the goal. It is something you have to determine in your own mind. You have to keep a mental picture of who you are or who you want to be, and you will go in that direction.
      All the best.

  2. Hi,

    As a person struggling constantly with his weight, I have tried a myriad of diets with mixed results. There are diets where I’ve had to keep a journal, weigh my foods, make certain combinations, avoid specific foods altogether, etc. It’s not easy and sooner or later you get bored. The hardest part about trying to be healthy is keeping weight off. Many diets are not sustainable in the long run. Many people can stand a diet for a few weeks or even months, lose some weight but then eventually return to their old habits.

    I’ve been looking for ways to overcome this. I might try the IIFYM diet. It looks like it could help me in my quest.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Since my children were in grade school, I have had the weight accumulate. I am hoping this blog will follow me through to success. It is something you have to do for yourself. No one can do it for you. Once you decide that you are in charge, it is a big part of winning the battle. But it is more than just diet. The saying “Use it or you’ll lose it” is also true. Kids are always jumping around, and we adults would be glad if they would just learn to relax. But too much relaxing on the sofa, and soon it is hard for us to go for a walk!
      I never heard of the diet which you referred to. I have found TOPS a great support for me. They have a bi-monthly magazine with many success stories of people who could hardly walk down the hall, but with determination, they were walking their 10,000 steps a day.
      If we can get outside to get fresh air and sunshine, the exercise blows the cobwebs from our mind, so to speak. It is good for our mental health, not just our physical health.
      Thanks for the comment. It exciting for me to search for a way to be the healthiest that I possible can be.

  3. You have mentioned some really great tips and suggestions here in this article. I also find that losing weight slowly is the best way to keep it off.
    People laugh at me at work when I park my car so far away even though there are plenty of closer parking spaces.
    I’m a firm believer in making myself stay active, one way or another. Even when I go shopping, I part far from the entrance, of course, if the weather is bad circumstances may change.
    As I’ve gotten older and since I recently had surgery, I’ve noticed my body slowing down and pounds adding up. I’m working hard getting back into shape and losing the extra weight.
    Thanks for the encouragement and the helpful tips you have provided here.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for your comments, Devara. Yes when we are twenty, we feel invincible. Suddenly, the years and the pounds accumulate and we decide we must take charge. That is what prompted this blog. With some effort, it is fun to see what can be accomplished. I can’t help but mention TOPS, because there is where I was given direction to persue a healthier lifestyle. Being together with others who have achieved their goals, makes me say, “If they can do it, I can too”.
      I saw the words, “Losing Weight is Difficult, But Being Overweight is Also Difficult” So which difficulty is the better choice? Taking off weight slowly helps form a lifestyle that can be maintained.
      All the best in the future.

  4. I battle back and forth with weight too. I was religiously walking 10,000 steps a day and then life happened and now don’t do it very regularly. It can be an easy activity but can be tough mentally. Slowly over time, it does come off. I’m of the mind now that it didn’t come on overnight so there should not be an expectation that it should come off that way either. Kudos to keeping at it. Nice article.

    1. Hi Deb, thanks for the comment. That is great, at least you know that you can put in 10,000 steps a day! It takes consistency, and that is where a routine helps. If we take pounds off slowly, we develop that routine in eating and exercise.
      In many cultures where the population does a lot of walking, they often don’t have trouble with their weight. Some places use bicycles, which would also be a way to get exercise and still get to your destination.
      Here in North America, I don’t think our reliance on vehicles as much as we do is helping our hearts and lungs in the long run!

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