7 Raw Manuka Honey Health Benefits

The Manuka tree is a shrubby evergreen plant that grows in the wilds of New Zealand. It can reach up to 5 meters high. For centuries the indigenous population of New Zealand has known of its many healing properties. There are more than 7 raw Manuka honey health benefits, which make it so valuable.

1. Sound, Peaceful Sleep

Raw honey can improve the quality of your sleep because it contains exactly what your liver needs to restore and detoxify your body as you sleep.

Manuka honey contains many amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It also has powerful anti-bacterial properties to soothe the body and support natural healing. One or two spoonfuls of raw Manuka honey before bedtime will provide you with enough glycogen necessary for peaceful sleep.

Manuka raw honey has substantially more enzymes than regular honey. Its unique anti-bacterial properties make it four times more powerful than ordinary honey. Not only does Manuka honey enable you to have a restful sleep, but it also helps destroy infections that may be developing in your body.

2. Promotes Oral Health

There are a host of Manuka honey oral health benefits of which many people are unaware . It contains a high level of methylglyoxal (MGO). This powerful ingredient helps heal the body, fight bacteria, and more. There are different strengths of Manuka honey, measured in UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) or MGO. A higher rating indicates a higher antibacterial effect.

For your oral health, choose honey labeled “product of New Zealand” with at least a UMF 15+ or MGO 514+ or higher.

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Manuka honey reduces plaque buildup around your teeth and gums to help control tooth decay and gum disease. You can use it as a mouthwash, toothpaste, or gum massage – or take it by the spoonful. It will enhance your dental routine, but won’t replace it.

3. Treat Acne – Healthy Skin

Are you someone who has a problem with acne? Are you always hunting for new ways to fight a fresh crop of blemishes? You will be pleased to hear that, according to board-certified dermatologist Dr. William Kwan, Manuka honey is a great way to help address blemishes formed by acne.

Raw Manuka honey moisturizes the skin. It is a key for radiant, soft, supple, and glowing skin. It will hold on to the moisture that is so necessary for healthy skin. And it does it without making your skin feel oily! It is a fabulous addition to an anti-aging skin care routine.

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4. Anti-aging – strong, healthy body, and overall health

7 Raw Manuka Honey Health Benefits

  1. Moisturizes the skin
  2. Treats eczema and psoriasis
  3. Prevents discoloration of the skin
  4. Nourishes and rejuvenates the skin
  5. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  6. Treats and prevents acne and other blemishes
  7. Renews skin cells, leaving skin looking visibly young and radiant

5. Aids Healthy Digestion

Manuka honey is an aid in building a strong healthy body and maintaining overall gut health. You need a healthy gut in order for your body to function well. 

Research has shown that a healthy gut is a large factor in the health of our immune system.

The anti-microbial properties of Manuka honey can help correct a gut imbalance in your body. It is effective in restoring normal gut function by ridding the body of several pathogenic bacteria and yeasts like candida.

Poor gut function makes it difficult to make use of the minerals and vitamins that are in your food. Simply add a spoonful of Manuka honey to your daily diet to do wonders for your gut health.

6. Helps Control Upper Respiratory Infections

Cystic Fibrosis – thick sticky mucus

Cystic fibrosis symptoms include difficulty in breathing and coughing up sputum due to lung infections that frequently occur because of the disease. Currently, there is no known cure for this disease.

Manuka honey is found exclusively in New Zealand and Australia. It is produced from the nectar of the wild Manuka bush. Due to its medicinal properties, Manuka honey has been extremely effective in the treatment of some of the adverse conditions of this disease.

A study conducted in May 2015 observed the benefit that Manuka honey has in treating lung infections. The study showed that Manuka honey has a very potent antibiotic effect, singularly or in cooperation with other pertinent antibiotics, on common bacteria that cause lung diseases in patients suffering from cystic fibrosis.


7. Healing Wounds with Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, and Antiseptic Properties

According to the National Institute of Biotechnology Information, Manuka honey has wound-healing properties.

The antibacterial and antioxidant properties of Manuka honey are useful in treating wounds and decreasing pain from burns.

You can purchase medical grade, sterile Manuika honey ointment and bandages

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It has even been useful in the treatment of MRSA

However, if you have a chronic wound or a deep wound, it would be best for you to see a doctor and not try to treat it yourself.

Check the Label Before You Purchase!

When purchasing Manuka honey check the label to see that it is labeled “product of New Zealand” as there are many counterfeits of this precious commodity. Also look for the GMO and UMF seals on the label. The higher the value of GMO and UMF the more antibacterial properties are in the honey.  

In Conclusion

Manuka honey is expensive because it is made from the nectar of the Manuka bush that grows exclusively in the wilds of New Zealand and Australia. Globally, Manuka honey is known for its healing properties. 7 Raw Manuka Honey Health Benefits are:

  1. Increases sleep quality
  2. Promotes oral health
  3. Treats acne
  4. Anti-aging
  5. Healthy digestion
  6. Fights upper respiratory infections
  7. Heals wounds

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2 thoughts on “7 Raw Manuka Honey Health Benefits”

  1. I have often wondered why Manuka honey is so much more expensive than other honeys, and now I know. But I never realised it had so many great health benefits and they are so wide ranging. From helping with gut health, to treating skin conditions like acne, and even helping with cystic fibrosis, we can all benefit from using Manuka honey. 

    Thank you for the tip on checking the label and that it has to say product of New Zealand. Do you know if the cultivation of the Manuka bush has been tried, or is the export of the Manuka bush prohibited, and therefor it cannot be grown elsewhere? 

    • The Manuka plant grows wild much like the gorse bush does in the UK.

      It grows in the North, South, and Stewart Islands of New Zealand, as well as in parts of Australia.

      Manuka is a temperate climate plant that cannot tolerate sustained freezes. It needs a dry, temperate climate like a Mediterranean climate to support its growth. People have tried to grow it elsewhere, but it would take a large expanse of land to harvest enough honey to make it worthwhile.

      Outside of New Zealand and Australia, – Tregothnan, United Kingdom is the only other place I am aware of that tries to produce Manuka honey.


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