11 Surprising Benefits of a Standing Desk Workstation

Feeling sluggish at work? Are you considering a standing desk workstation? Find out the 11 surprising benefits of switching to a standing desk workstation and get your daily dose of exercise with an ergonomic standing desk. Get more energy while you work!

Get the most from your office setup by exploring these eleven key benefits.

11 Benefits of a Standing Desk Workstation

A standing desk workstation is basically a desk that allows you to comfortably stand up while working. There are adjustable models of desks that can be raised or lowered for your convenience. You can choose to sit or stand to work.

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Improve Concentration & Productivity.

Discover how an adjustable standing desk will improve your posture and concentration, while being the healthiest way to work.

An adjustable standing desk can help take your workstation to the next level, offering improved posture as well as other health benefits. By elevating your computer and adjusting your desk to the right height, you can increase productivity while protecting yourself from potential back, neck, shoulder, and hip injuries.

Place on top of your desk and raise or lower the workstation to sitting or standing levels.

Adjustable Height Workstation on Wheels

Standing Electric Adjustable Desk

Increase Energy Levels throughout the Day.

Standing up helps activate many muscle groups across your body. Don’t be surprised to find increased energy levels when standing at your desk to work!

Enhance Physical Mobility & Flexibility.

You will be surprised at your increased physical flexibility and mobility you find as you use a standing desk! Don’t sit all day, move about, and reduce your aches and pains while increasing your overall productivity.

Get the most out of your workday with an adjustable standing desk. Discover how this unique piece of furniture helps to reduce stiff joints and muscle pain and improves your posture. You can sit part of the day and stand some of the time as well.

One benefit is the improvement in your physical fitness and mobility with the use of a standing desk.

Reduce Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain.

Another key benefit of using an adjustable standing desk is that it reduces pressure on your neck and shoulders, as well as lower back pain. This is because you are not hunched over your desk for long periods of time. This reduces the strain of constantly looking down. With improved posture, muscle tension can be relieved in your back and shoulder area, allowing you to work more comfortably.

Increased Daily Activities Reduces the Risk of Chronic Diseases

Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to various health problems such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and more. Standing and moving more throughout the day allows you to stretch different muscle groups, stay active, and reduce the risk of some chronic diseases.

Increased Focus and Productivity

When you switch over to a standing desk workstation, you may notice an improvement in focus because your larger movement requires extra brainpower. This means your mind will stay more active throughout the day. Additionally, with more active muscles, you will have increased energy levels, too!

Improves Posture and Flexibility

When using standing desk workstations you can maintain correct posture, since it prevents slouching and encourages a good working stance. Standing workstations also help strengthen your core muscles, which are used to stand upright and tall. This may help reduce the impact of sitting for long hours with poor posture, while bending over your computer.


Increased Metabolism

 Increased calorie burning is another benefit or a standing desk. Standing burns around 34 more calories, an hour than simply sitting down —which is equivalent to walking 2 miles each hour! As a result of this improved calorie burn, people can eventually prevent weight gain or even lose a few pounds when paired with regular exercise and healthy diet habits!

Increases Connection with Your Supervisor, Clients, and Colleagues

Improved ability to connect with others Since it’s easier for us to interact face-to-face when we’re standing up rather than listening from behind our desks while seated in our chairs, having a standing desk might make conversing with colleagues or clients simpler! You’ll be able to shake hands more easily too and have a more satisfactory dialogue.

 Lower Stress Levels

The great thing about using a standing desk is that with enough space between other desks in large offices, moving around naturally tends to relieve stress by stimulating blood flow into the legs and feet—this aids better circulation – and helps everyone become less stressed out!

Customize Your Workspace

Gone are the days where one size fits all kind of workspace furniture—nowadays you have many ways to customizing your working environment. An adjustable height desk gives you true flexibility, so that no matter what your height is, you can find a comfortable position, whether sitting or standing. And you don’t need to compromise comfort or productivity.

Wrapping it Up

One study found that standing desks promote lower stress levels, thus improving the energy levels and better mood in the office. Those in the office tend to be more active and can more easily communicate with their supervisors and fellow colleagues.

Standing still for long periods of time can be just as hard on the body as sitting still. Adjustable standing desks allow you to spend part of the time sitting and part of the time standing while you work.

You can customize your workspace, so it works well for supervisors, clients, and colleagues.

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