How a Massage Gun Can Benefit You

A Targeted Deep Tissue Massager, otherwise known as a Massage Gun, is a relatively new piece of equipment in the health and fitness industry. It is commonly used to reduce muscle soreness and aide in mobility. While massage guns can be used by anyone, they are popular among endurance athletes to treat sore, tight muscles after a workout. Each massage gun comes with a variety of attachments to directly target specific body parts. Let’s explore how a massage gun can benefit you.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

In 2007, Dr. Jason Wersland experienced a freeway collision between a car and himself on his motorcycle. While not life-threatening, his injuries were life-altering. No longer was he able to practice the work he loved as a chiropractor.  

He was in so much pain that it left him feeling helpless and afraid. Often he was in so much pain that he did not want to eat or interact with his family.

A handheld device would be the answer to his deep desire to treat his own pain. However, he could not find anything available. Inspired by a handheld power drill it took him 8 years to perfect the first model of the Theragun.

The Theragun Introduced for Sale

In 2016 the new method of pain relief was introduced to consumers.  This new pain relief method is called Theragun Percussive Therapy. (TPT).

Dr. Wersland says, the device is now used by over 250 professional sports teams worldwide, therapists, trainers, and chiropractors.

The beauty of this instrument is that it is portable, with interchangeable batteries, so it can travel with you.

How Does the Theragun Differ from Traditional Massage?

The Theragun can be a bit intimidating at first. Its percussive movement pulsates up and down -up to 40 times a second – working its magic. This releases tight muscles and relieves aches and pains.

Dr. Wersland says, “This increases blood flow, prevents and eliminates adhesions, hydrates tissue, and unloads peripheral nerve restrictions. Most body aches are caused by muscle tension, so that’s why we created the Theragun, to help release that tension and improve mobility.”

Improves Relaxation and Reduces Stress

Some call a massage gun, a “mini jackhammer” to the muscles.

Research shows that a massage gun can effectively reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS can cause muscle soreness for 24-72 hours after an intense workout. Using the massage gun, can reduce the amount of muscle soreness and aid in muscle recovery.

If you spend long days on your feet or are a tradesman, and do a lot of physical labor, a percussion massager can increase blood flow to your muscles, reduce the build up of lactic acid, and help your muscles to loosen up and relax.  

Massage Guns Come at Many Price Points

There is a wide price range on massage guns. A mini massage gun can cost under one hundred dollars, and the prices go up to over five hundred dollars.

Response to Pain

The high velocity vibrations of a massage gun can stimulate nerve fibers, which in turn dampens local pain responses, explains Bianca Beldini, DPT, an acupuncturist, physical therapist, and triathlete.
The oscillatory pressure vibrations can release tension in the fibers of the muscles and increase circulation of blood and lymph to the soft tissue, leading to relaxation of the muscle and a decrease in pain,” she said.


Cellulite is a condition of the skin, usually seen on the thighs, buttocks, and hips of women. Skin with cellulite has a bumpy, or dimpled appearance. The fat cells alter the attachment of the skin to the muscles. Excess weight or genetics may be a possible cause.

The use of a massage gun may help address this issue. The massage gun can send deep tissue massage to the targeted area. The vibration of the deep tissue massage may increase blood circulation and break up extra fat to result in smooth, dimple-free skin.

Deep tissue massage may reach areas under the skin, that cellulite creams cannot reach.

How a Massage Gun Can Benefit You

  1. Aids in athletic performance
  2. Increases post-workout recovery
  3. Everyday muscle relief
  4. Cellulite treatment
  5. Improves relaxation and rest – reduces stress
  6. Convenient at-home massage therapy
  7. Pain relief
  8. Improves circulation

When to See a Physical Therapist for Pain

Listen to your body. If the massage gun is causing pain, or making the pain worse, consult with a medical professional. There are times you may be in doubt if a massage gun is the appropriate solution for your pain. If you observe abnormal aches and pains seek out the advice of your healthcare provider.

In Conclusion

A massage gun is a recent innovation primarily for muscle recovery. In this post we notice how a massage gun can benefit you.

It benefits fitness enthusiasts at any level and reduces stress induced aches and pains. Since it is portable, you can take it along in your gym bag. It may reduce cellulite.

Tradesmen, busy moms, and anyone who is on their feet all day can find relief from tired achy muscles with a good massage. A massage gun is easy to use, but is should not be used by everyone. Check in with your doctor or physical therapist if there is an injury, or you have any concern

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  1. When the pandemic started, I got a chance to work from home, and I had a good amount of free time. I decided to give my walls a fresh look. I bought the paint and brushes all ready to begin. What I did not anticipate was the toll this exercise was going to have on my body! It seems simple, just standing and painting with only minor movements. The next day my body was all sore. And I had to skip finishing it until I felt better. I bet this massage gun would have come in handy.

    • Hi Steve, thanks for stopping by with a comment. When we use muscles that we do not usually use, it can cause muscle soreness up to 3 days later. A massage gun can increase blood circulation, which leads to relaxing the muscle and reduction in pain. However, I do hope you enjoy your newly painted room!

  2. I’ve seen this gun in a lot of movies and I’ve always asked myself, does it really work. Maybe I should purchase myself one to see if it truly works. Thank you for such an informative article. I didn’t know that there is so much benefits to using a massage gun. You learn something new everyday and I definitely did. 

    • Hi Daniel, thanks for stopping by with a comment. If massage guns are used by professional sports teams, therapists, trainers, and chiropractors, I am sure they provide much-needed benefit. All the best!

  3. Hello Carolyn! Interesting post. I never knew about a massage gun. Today I got to know something new. Thanks for that! We all are learning all our lives one way or another. I am writing articles about stress and stress relief and this looks hopeful for it. It seems that a massage gun not only helps to deal with pain relief but also relaxes muscles and reduces stress. Thanks for the article! Have a nice day!

    • Hi Linda, Thanks for stopping by with a comment. The massage gun is a recent invention. It has only been around since the early 2000’s. Since its arrival, it has taken off as an amazing invention. It is used by personal trainers, physical therapists, and individuals alike. It is useful in stress relief as well.

  4. As I get older, I find that muscle soreness is a more frequent problem after doing almost anything strenuous.  Usually, I use some kind of roller on the offending muscle group, but it can be difficult to apply pressure.  The massage devices often don’t work.  I have never heard of anything like a massage gun.    I am going to do more research in terms of strength and cost.  The information you have shared here may really help me make a positive improvement in my life.  Thanks.

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by with a comment! Muscle soreness seems to be something we all have to deal with at one time or another. I am glad this post brought massage guns to your attention. They are used by athletes, therapists, trainers, and chiropractors with good results. If muscle soreness is a chronic problem, it would be something for you to seriously consider acquiring. All the best!


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