The BOSU Ball and Functional Fitness

Functional fitness prepares the body for real-life movements. Let’s look how the BOSU ball and functional fitness make everyday life easier for you.

The Benefits of Functional Fitness Training

Functional fitness increases strength, balance, and flexibility by training multiple muscles groups to work together. It becomes easier to perform everyday actions like – walking, carrying heavy objects, squatting, or putting things on a shelf. Bending, twisting, and lifting all become easier to do. You get the additional benefit of increased energy and a reduced risk of injury.

The BOSU Ball and Functional Fitness

Initially, the BOSU ball was used in physiotherapy treatments, especially those related to the lower body, such as the ACL or ankle. Work done on an unstable surface, like a BOSU ball, is shown to increase the response of the central nervous system and speed up recovery from injury. Strong ankle and feet muscles, increase your ability to balance, and reduce the risks of falls. 

Functional fitness training focuses on improving your overall fitness level. It strengthens your muscles and improves balance, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. This, in turn, makes it easier for you to perform everyday tasks. In addition, this type of exercise helps prevent future injuries and increases energy levels.

How to Use a BOSU Ball

How to Use the BOSU Ball

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The BOSU Ball looks like half of a stability ball. It is about 25” in diameter with a flat surface on one side. It is great to use for functional fitness. Designed to improve your strength, endurance, agility, and mobility, it is a great tool to include in your exercise routine!

The BOSU Ball and Functional Fitness

Many gyms use the BOSU ball in their training programs. It has been used in a variety of ways to make workouts more challenging and fun. Although BOSU balls are in the gym and the fitness world, they are also small enough to use at home.  

Whether you’re using it for plank holds, side plank rotations, or some other creative way, the BOSU ball provides a unique platform to perform your favorite exercises. In this article, we will show you some of the best ways to incorporate the BOSU ball into your workouts.

Basic Functional Fitness 101 on the BOSU Ball

This video shows training from first time users on the ball – to progressive squats – up to the kettlebell.

BOSU Ball Training

Total Cardio and Balance on the BOSU Ball

Cardio, Abs, Balance, Posture, Range of Motion

The possibilities are endless for this versatile piece of equipment. You can use the BOSU ball to increase your cardio, improve your core strength as well as improve your balance.! It’s also a great way to improve your posture and range of motion.

You can do an array of exercises on the ball that you can also do on the floor or on a standard bench. The BOSU ball, which stands for “both sides up” is great for use in the home or in the gym. You will want to have one at home to use in your fitness routine!

The Benefits of Functional Fitness Training

The BOSU ball is a great way to improve your overall fitness level to help you strengthen your muscles and improve your balance. It helps you build strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Functional fitness training with the BOSU ball keeps you agile to keep up with the activities of everyday life that you enjoy. With strong muscles and improved balance, you can prevent injuries from occurring.

How to Use the BOSU Ball

Check out the YouTubes included here, to see ways to do some of the following exercises.

  • Place your toes on the floor with your legs straight.
  • Push your body up until your arms are ALMOST straight.
  • Hold and balance for 2 seconds.
  • Return slowly to the starting position.
  • Repeat.

  • With the flat side of the ball down, stand with feet together facing the BOSU ball.
  • Lunge forward and land your foot on the BOSU ball, bending at the knee.
  • Push back up off the BOSU ball, and bring your feet back together.

  • With with a shoulder width stance, – either the flat side down or up…
  • Stand on the BOSU ball and flex the knees and hips as you slowly lower yourself into a squat position.
  • Squat as deep as your flexibility allows.
  • Pause at the bottom of the motion.
  • Return to the starting position.

Balancing on One Leg
  • Place the flat side of the BOSU ball on the floor.
  • With your right foot, step on the center of the ball.
  • Raise your left knee slightly upwards.
  • Hold your balance for as long as you can.
  • Lower your foot to the BOSU ball.
  • Then switch to the left foot.

Single-leg, Side-to-side Step as done by Skiing Olympian Lindsey Vonn.

Perform these exercises at your own risk. Keep something near-by to assist in your stability.

Compact BOSU Sports Trainer is smaller than the “Original”

In Conclusion

The BOSU Ball and Functional Fitness

Functional fitness training focuses on improving your overall fitness level. The BOSU ball is an exercise tool that helps you build strength, improve balance, and increase flexibility, endurance, and coordination. This will increase your energy level and make performing everyday tasks easier, while preventing injuries.

You will want one of your own!

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  1. Bosu ball exercises are probably more effective and better. I like to exercise but I have never used the help of a bosu ball. It is interesting that I do all these exercises in the video almost every day, but without this ball. I would like to try with the ball, I hope the exercises will be more effective.

    • The BOSU ball is not the most common piece of exercise equipment. Since David Weck only created it around the turn of this century it is barely 20 years old. It has been used in physical therapy and also by personal trainers. It does add variety to your typical exercise routine, and works on core strength and stability.


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